Companions from Wrath of the Lich King expansion. No profession created, No Bind on Pickup or Bind to Blizzard Account items.

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
52,965g 45s 43c
23,410g 14s 21c
6,427g 87s 11c
37,484g 51s 08c
94,478g 56s 94c
6,996g 21s 25c
7,134g 05s 16c
46,539g 71s 10c
48,460g 41s 95c
42,245g 43s 42c
69,739g 24s 07c
47,817g 82s 57c
1,205g 77s 27c
40,948g 20s 32c
43,167g 56s 48c
68,102g 41s 20c
2,046g 06s 65c
3,731g 02s 30c
142,412g 93s 75c
5,602g 66s 84c
352g 62s 98c
5,851g 26s 74c
43,941g 18s 18c
242g 95s 19c
1,655g 27s 71c
1,573g 14s 76c
1,381g 14s 17c
379g 97s 29c