A list with all Epic BoE items added in TBC

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
258,826g 07s 44c
83,613g 68s 10c
208,147g 04s 02c
17,943g 52s 61c
65,094g 61s 99c
78,723g 37s 48c
169,247g 76s 99c
12,427g 07s 40c
38,936g 79s 83c
37,968g 90s 51c
80,268g 20s 44c
186,968g 85s 52c
48,139g 30s 92c
254,116g 12s 00c
18,828g 64s 73c
31,022g 67s 20c
206,812g 55s 17c
60,555g 88s 25c
41,792g 25s 05c
42,544g 67s 15c
43,549g 03s 91c
16,332g 46s 70c
17,718g 97s 27c
15,257g 63s 93c
60,774g 13s 45c
32,425g 41s 23c
58,908g 45s 46c
30,161g 78s 33c
64,684g 24s 72c
21,690g 81s 53c
114,732g 79s 63c
17,892g 27s 29c
106,948g 35s 67c
88,960g 67s 35c
63,302g 14s 31c
144,005g 52s 80c
107,330g 91s 19c
106,601g 04s 19c
27,657g 02s 93c
9,836g 90s 17c
43,385g 46s 41c
54,819g 57s 47c
61,716g 63s 87c
4,723g 17s 73c
275,186g 47s 76c
234,306g 43s 31c
18,475g 15s 21c
1,643g 68s 51c
166,719g 35s 77c
97,530g 65s 99c
149,917g 48s 37c
94,535g 20s 94c
29,366g 20s 39c
56,841g 14s 73c
29,678g 40s 86c
110,182g 59s 40c
62,613g 91s 99c
136,766g 12s 08c
62,207g 61s 41c
58,316g 31s 36c
6,180g 72s 86c
152,103g 21s 78c
103,806g 50s 56c
146,526g 56s 92c
62,872g 73s 09c
82,337g 54s 53c
124,955g 00s 38c
61,115g 58s 19c
50,871g 96s 82c
38,184g 53s 75c
57,194g 24s 05c
174,697g 40s 43c
5,205g 83s 50c
74,851g 60s 88c
40,162g 28s 96c
54,442g 03s 22c
142,124g 04s 25c
80,942g 40s 58c
114,399g 03s 49c
49,691g 81s 66c
254,989g 32s 16c
105,382g 71s 31c
45,136g 92s 21c
107,438g 53s 54c
10,672g 27s 26c
180,632g 32s 36c
67,232g 47s 15c
91,450g 76s 77c
48,734g 94s 15c
134,313g 52s 11c
52,650g 09s 63c
135,021g 86s 97c

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