A list with all Epic BoE items added in TBC

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
213,192g 91s 98c
90,259g 69s 37c
136,828g 54s 56c
21,991g 42s 80c
55,859g 62s 97c
77,278g 60s 49c
115,245g 52s 45c
13,230g 27s 77c
35,014g 82s 83c
36,411g 00s 80c
99,892g 38s 20c
152,586g 62s 50c
36,542g 43s 12c
351,683g 83s 45c
19,376g 69s 21c
30,783g 90s 88c
261,144g 50s 78c
64,289g 60s 58c
38,465g 69s 61c
43,095g 61s 17c
39,357g 08s 88c
14,996g 88s 45c
18,738g 07s 08c
11,495g 58s 82c
62,621g 95s 24c
34,144g 65s 74c
45,458g 52s 40c
34,470g 12s 54c
71,238g 98s 01c
26,485g 12s 73c
81,634g 64s 39c
25,890g 74s 33c
78,786g 19s 18c
92,612g 20s 20c
74,006g 97s 58c
138,986g 92s 26c
98,578g 26s 03c
70,879g 00s 83c
24,676g 66s 73c
9,381g 67s 60c
47,665g 17s 75c
58,608g 32s 93c
67,599g 30s 95c
3,845g 59s 88c
271,778g 46s 03c
171,850g 54s 72c
17,208g 99s 75c
1,482g 43s 77c
124,336g 55s 10c
104,137g 15s 32c
100,492g 97s 23c
56,375g 34s 69c
33,620g 15s 30c
27,062g 56s 45c
30,679g 96s 82c
123,698g 24s 22c
57,301g 61s 66c
152,198g 39s 98c
55,734g 70s 49c
45,413g 22s 32c
7,296g 51s 34c
176,349g 37s 27c
89,873g 78s 02c
152,740g 54s 63c
62,944g 59s 12c
103,811g 72s 24c
120,576g 92s 18c
63,304g 34s 65c
68,014g 01s 67c
24,576g 30s 86c
54,278g 61s 87c
115,088g 13s 02c
5,087g 60s 89c
53,220g 06s 77c
33,559g 88s 43c
60,070g 79s 88c
131,072g 02s 63c
71,954g 67s 25c
64,334g 47s 42c
44,083g 15s 16c
305,065g 34s 37c
95,253g 66s 91c
49,252g 68s 74c
92,812g 82s 16c
15,591g 42s 02c
140,975g 50s 09c
45,905g 45s 86c
64,529g 82s 65c
48,058g 76s 37c
118,286g 65s 88c
62,005g 52s 57c
93,504g 32s 64c

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