IMPORTANT NOTE: This list may contain itens from previous or next expansions. This occur due to innitial levels of a expansion being the final levels of the previous one.<br /> This list is based on Wowhead's BoE Leather Legs.<br /> Have any feedback? Send to

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
6,200g 98s 61c
329g 23s 83c
1,560g 76s 21c
4,682g 23s 40c
694g 74s 05c
1,028g 69s 50c
2,233g 60s 64c
1,857g 45s 89c
2,403g 92s 71c
2,554g 45s 69c
1,678g 00s 47c
402g 21s 77c
550g 45s 92c