Other Miscellaneous from Warlords of Draenor expansion. No profession created, No Bind on Pickup or Bind to Blizzard Account items.

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
7,157g 59s 62c
22,732g 45s 38c
14,284g 48s 17c
7,590g 99s 67c
15,028g 97s 79c
21,355g 91s 29c
2,489g 02s 20c
3,201g 81s 64c
3,830g 30s 00c
3,029g 49s 59c
2,777g 02s 41c
6,127g 75s 93c
3,420g 84s 82c
3,650g 65s 92c
3,786g 91s 16c
2,825g 03s 20c
3,247g 95s 29c
2,735g 10s 77c
132g 63s 25c
24,507g 22s 63c
15,103g 99s 14c
4,589g 95s 95c
250g 98s 53c
2,583g 54s 00c
2,774g 48s 65c
2,566g 09s 90c
10,890g 06s 41c
103,964g 52s 03c
3,883g 70s 36c
4,045g 53s 14c
235g 32s 89c
4,777g 31s 41c
2g 97s 57c
3,343g 44s 35c
1,507g 84s 59c
76,479g 37s 19c
162,633g 37s 89c
108,143g 98s 83c
145,463g 34s 26c
134,737g 10s 53c
135,903g 74s 01c
45,389g 47s 40c
85g 22s 85c
199,421g 09s 58c
68,227g 56s 77c
50,422g 32s 47c