All BFA crafts that are able to be sold on the AH

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
4,614g 85s 51c
6,930g 79s 02c
3,055g 36s 58c
5,809g 18s 63c
2,217g 90s 03c
1,092g 83s 20c
1,133g 35s 84c
1,001g 66s 72c
1,465g 26s 04c
166g 63s 18c
276g 20s 96c
474g 65s 03c
451g 65s 86c
843g 82s 93c
857g 98s 07c
601g 49s 02c
937g 75s 73c
376g 13s 21c
7,489g 43s 54c
1,230g 45s 04c
1,222g 40s 86c
1,048g 43s 24c
1,291g 24s 41c
889g 84s 17c
1,123g 69s 22c
1,172g 32s 82c
951g 13s 99c
166g 73s 12c
115g 98s 84c
110g 47s 32c
81g 02s 32c
83g 46s 29c
25g 56s 58c
25g 68s 31c
30g 15s 92c
57g 26s 94c
151g 16s 49c
116g 41s 76c
104g 76s 24c
58g 27s 92c
67g 81s 27c
486g 56s 31c
1,707g 09s 27c