All BFA crafts that are able to be sold on the AH

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
4,078g 33s 62c
9,169g 80s 33c
3,251g 70s 20c
6,508g 88s 68c
2,979g 68s 36c
1,179g 34s 29c
1,474g 38s 55c
1,401g 00s 51c
1,843g 72s 31c
280g 54s 64c
396g 48s 90c
597g 00s 13c
360g 14s 92c
1,103g 18s 39c
1,185g 92s 62c
946g 61s 10c
1,316g 63s 51c
478g 14s 93c
11,441g 07s 88c
1,606g 65s 10c
1,690g 91s 43c
1,470g 95s 85c
1,663g 40s 50c
1,226g 46s 75c
1,480g 11s 35c
1,642g 54s 19c
1,434g 93s 62c
202g 11s 54c
152g 36s 48c
179g 12s 57c
135g 62s 14c
97g 78s 81c
44g 56s 35c
38g 59s 74c
48g 42s 51c
70g 82s 48c
218g 59s 39c
170g 46s 31c
161g 27s 69c
66g 44s 06c
103g 63s 25c
446g 01s 30c
2,386g 56s 06c