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Item Global Market Value
966g 95s 31c
983g 79s 82c
770g 29s 24c
954g 45s 24c
4,169g 83s 21c
727g 10s 71c
929g 21s 35c
865g 57s 71c
1,434g 19s 67c
249g 95s 02c
311g 50s 62c
388g 33s 15c
575g 94s 55c
571g 77s 21c
629g 60s 29c
744g 48s 81c
663g 74s 96c
867g 70s 91c
177g 25s 39c
182g 42s 40c
570g 12s 64c
41g 85s 99c
437g 23s 91c
476g 22s 18c