All things that jewelcrafters make as final products. For ore, see Luna's All Shadowlands Ore. For jewelcrafting parts, see Luna's All Shadowlands Jewelcrafting Parts. For any other lists, search "Luna". If you see any errors, broken links, or missing items in any of my lists, please shoot me an email at lunette.paige at gmail dot com.

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
208g 80s 57c
395g 82s 04c
296g 04s 88c
288g 70s 18c
395g 69s 53c
2,130g 91s 44c
34g 62s 77c
38g 84s 17c
29g 58s 45c
47g 30s 11c
430g 60s 59c
486g 93s 96c
367g 76s 65c
450g 85s 27c
564g 68s 11c
865g 72s 19c
816g 81s 52c
1,061g 59s 60c
1,170g 94s 51c
4,146g 66s 03c
1,276g 87s 90c
2,548g 05s 27c