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Tailoring materials in BC06/17/20193
Tailoring materials in Cata06/17/20193
Firelands BoP06/16/20193
Vanilla Elements matsAll the elementals materials introduced in-game World f Warcraft up...06/17/20194
Elementals materials introduced in BCAll of the elementals used for crafting etc introduced in...06/17/20194
Elemental materials introduced in WotLK06/17/20194
Elemental materials introduced in Cata xpac06/17/20194
Elemental materials introduced in MoP xpac06/17/20194
Elemental materials introduced in WoD06/17/20194
Elemental materials in Legion06/17/20194
Tailoring materials in WotLK06/17/20194
Tailoring materials in MoP06/17/20194
Tailoring materials for WoD06/17/20194
Tailoring materials in Legion06/17/20194
Cloth Armor 340ilvl;1;006/17/20194
WOd enchants06/16/20194
Pandaria transmute gems06/16/20194