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6. WoD Tailoring: Back11/09/20193
6. WoD Tailoring: Bag11/09/20193
7. Legion Tailoring: Waist11/09/20193
7. Legion Tailoring: Legs11/09/20193
7. Legion Tailoring: Hands11/09/20193
8. BfA Tailoring: Schoulder11/09/20193
8. BfA Tailoring: Feet11/09/20193
19 Druid GearLevel 19 Druid gear from wowhead11/09/20193
19 Priest GearLevel 19 Priest gear from wowhead11/09/20193
Battle Pets - All Profession Pets as of 11/11/2019List of currently all obtainable profession pets11/12/20193
Transmog TBC: Daggers11/09/20193
Transmog Cataclysm: Daggers11/09/20193
Transmog MoP: Daggers11/09/20193
Transmog Legion: Daggers11/09/20193
Two-Handed Maces11/10/20193
Two-handed Swords11/10/20193