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BRF LFR Drops11/27/201916
Greater Fire Protection & Mats12/07/201916
Fist Weapons11/10/201916
Inscription: Minor Glyphs11/10/201916
Inscription Legion: Minor Glyphs11/10/201916
01 World of Warcraft > Professions > Alchemy > Crafting > Special11/23/201916
Inscription: ranged11/10/201916
Inscription: Scrolls WoTLK11/10/201916
Inscription: Scrolls MoP11/10/201916
Death Knight Glyphs11/23/201916
Gorian Artifact Fragment11/18/201916
Highmaul LFR and Mythic11/29/201916
01 World of Warcraft > Armor > Cloth > 01Head > 03 Rare11/23/201916
Purple Lotus11/08/201917
Pre BFA Erze11/24/201917
potsName ILvl Req. Versions Side Slot Source Type Pop. Potion...11/29/201917
01 World of Warcraft > Professions > Cooking > Recipes11/25/201917