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[WoW Classic - Lesser Magic Essence (Disenchants From)]All items that you can acquire a 'Lesser Magic Essence'...10/11/2019120
[WoW Classic - Meats]Classic WoW Meats10/06/2019165
[WoW Classic - Metals and Stones]Typical of Mining and Blacksmithing supplies in Classic WoW10/06/2019142
[WoW Classic - Other Trade Goods]Typical Trade Goods within Classic WoW10/06/2019119
[WoW Classic - Parts]Parts typically used by Engineers and Blacksmiths in Classic WoW.10/06/2019104
[WoW Classic - Potions]Potions found in-game, BoE and BoP within list.(Group created by...10/06/2019194
[WoW Classic - Projectiles]10/06/2019113
[WoW Classic - Scrolls]10/06/2019117
[WoW Classic - Small Brilliant Shard (Disenchants From)]All items that can grant a "Small Brilliant Shard's" when...10/11/2019126
[WoW Classic - Strange Dust (Disenchants From)]All items that can grant a "Strange Dust" when disenchanting......10/11/2019128
[WoW Classic - Tailoring Patterns]Tailoring patterns found in-game, BoE and BoP within list.(Group created...10/06/2019238
[WoW Classic - Trade Goods]Typical trade goods seen in every day WoW Experience.(Group created...10/06/2019260
[Мясо Trade Goods]01/09/2016336
[Ткань Trade Goods]01/04/2016323
[Элементаль Trade Goods]01/04/2016372
{wod} [BOE] >Back<08/16/2015379
{wod} [BOE] >Chest<08/16/2015347
{wod} [BOE] >Feet<08/16/2015313
{wod} [BOE] >Finger<08/16/2015313
{wod} [BOE] >Hands<08/16/2015320