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[WoW Classic - Alchemy Recipes]Alchemy recipes found in-game, BoE and BoP within list.(Group created...10/06/2019490
[WoW Classic - All RARE BoE's]Rare items in Classic WoW that are Bind on Equipped....10/12/2019486
[WoW Classic - Bandages]10/06/2019179
[WoW Classic - Bars]10/06/2019209
[WoW Classic - Blacksmithing Plans]10/06/2019264
[WoW Classic - BOE 1H Axes]10/06/2019180
[WoW Classic - BOE 1H Maces]10/06/2019182
[WoW Classic - BOE 1H Swords]10/06/2019202
[WoW Classic - BOE 2H Axes]10/06/2019175
[WoW Classic - BOE 2H Maces]10/06/2019181
[WoW Classic - BOE 2H Swords]10/06/2019187
[WoW Classic - BOE Bow's]10/06/2019175
[WoW Classic - BOE Cloaks]10/06/2019212
[WoW Classic - BOE Cloth Belts]10/06/2019202
[WoW Classic - BOE Cloth Boots]10/06/2019212
[WoW Classic - BOE Cloth Bracers]10/06/2019213
[WoW Classic - BOE Cloth Chest Armor]10/06/2019206
[WoW Classic - BOE Cloth Gloves]10/06/2019220
[WoW Classic - BOE Cloth Helmets]10/06/2019196
[WoW Classic - BOE Cloth Pants]10/06/2019196