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[WoW Classic - Enchanting Formulas]Enchanting Formulas, Both BoE and BoP within group. (Group created...10/06/2019132
[WoW Classic - Enchanting Materials]Classic World of Warcraft Enchanting Materials Group by Guild-Blaumeux (NA)10/06/2019118
[WoW Classic - Engineering Schematics]Engineering Schematics, both BoE and BoP found in Classic WoW.(Group...10/06/2019114
[WoW Classic - Explosives]Engineering Explosives10/06/201945
[WoW Classic - First Aid Cloth]WoW Classic first aid mats... (Group created by Guild-Blaumeux NA).10/12/2019102
[WoW Classic - First Aid Manuals]10/06/201961
[WoW Classic - Flasks]Classic WoW "Flasks". (Group created by Guild-Blaumeux NA)10/07/2019117
[WoW Classic - Food & Drinks]10/06/2019112
[WoW Classic - Greater Eternal Essence (Disenchants From)]All items that can grant a "Greater Eternal Essence" when...10/11/2019122
[WoW Classic - Greater Magic Essence (Disenchants From)]All items that can grant a "Greater Magic Essence" when...10/11/201975
[WoW Classic - Herbs]Herbs found in Classic WoW. (Group created by Guild-Blaumeux NA)10/06/2019132
[WoW Classic - Illusion Dust (Disenchants From)]All items that can grant "Illusion Dust" when disenchanting... (Group...10/11/201994
[WoW Classic - Large Brilliant Shard (Disenchants From)]All items that can grant a "Large Brilliant Shard" when...10/11/2019141
[WoW Classic - Leather]Classic WoW Leather found in-game.(Group created by Guild-Blaumeux NA)10/06/2019106
[WoW Classic - Leatherworking Patterns]Leatherworking patterns found in-game, BoE and BoP within list. (Group...10/06/201992
[WoW Classic - Lesser Eternal Essence (Disenchants From)]All items that can grant a "Lesser Eternal Essence" when...10/11/201974
[WoW Classic - Lesser Magic Essence (Disenchants From)]All items that you can acquire a 'Lesser Magic Essence'...10/11/201960
[WoW Classic - Meats]Classic WoW Meats10/06/201997
[WoW Classic - Metals and Stones]Typical of Mining and Blacksmithing supplies in Classic WoW10/06/201991
[WoW Classic - Other Trade Goods]Typical Trade Goods within Classic WoW10/06/201978