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...brian flip materia04/04/2020162
..BFA 8.3 NYA BoE01/24/20204180
.1. Bfa BoE Mounts08/20/2018628
.1. WoD Enchants12/31/2015521
.2.2 Battle Potions11/19/2018244
.BFA Stuff09/06/2018316
.SL Tailoring11/01/2020199
(Classic) BlacksmithingAll Items made in BSM 10/03/2020148
(Classic) Green Gear BoE 1-30 (Cloth)08/02/2020192
(Classic) Green Weapon BoE 1-3008/02/2020185
(Classic) Horde Weapons (non-BoP)All weapons in WoW classic available to horde that are...09/06/2019318
(LFCheaper) Tailoring patterns Vanilla05/16/2015514
(Missing) Vanilla Tailoring Patterns05/16/2015563
(Rogue) Consumables WoW Classic POGGERSP5 + P6 WITH SOME EXXTRA SPICY STUFF, JUJUS ETC...10/29/2020189
[8.3] Herb | Battle for Azeroth06/25/2020230
[8.3] Herb | Burning Crusade06/25/2020142
[8.3] Herb | Cataclysm06/25/2020153
[8.3] Herb | Classic06/25/2020235