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all transmog 04/30/20202711
8.3 Items01/27/20202693
Classic Alchemy's reagentsAll reagents for Classic alchemy recipes. Based on wowhead database,08/28/20192687
bagsBags to craft and sell11/19/20172681
Legion GemsGems06/16/20172679
Island pets09/19/20182655
TBC Motes & Primals06/04/20212650
Classic BoE "Best"09/14/20192639
BoE MountsBind on Equip Mounts04/25/20202638
ToS BOE06/29/20172638
BFA Ore05/12/20202615
Shadowlands Mining11/21/20202604
Classic Cooking Crafted ItemsItems crafted by the Cooking Profession08/29/20192600
9.2 Trade Goods02/23/20222597
Classic Twink BISBest-in-slot items for 19 bracket twinks.09/19/20192596
Legion Alchemy10/06/20162594
All WOTLK Gems (Raw JC)09/11/20222593
Dragonflight Enhancements11/27/20222579
Pets for cash01/15/20182578