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Tbc InvestFeal Uber List to Get Rich in TBC02/14/20212692
ALL LEGION GEMS 09/08/20172692
Classic Ore & Bars09/05/20192687
Inscription-All GlyphsAs of Legion - did not go through and confirm...11/10/20172680
All Transmogs09/05/20202676
8.3 Leatherworking01/19/20202667
all transmog 04/30/20202656
Battle Pets v1All "companions" from Wowhead.04/30/20202637
8.3 Items01/27/20202635
Legion GemsGems06/16/20172629
bagsBags to craft and sell11/19/20172626
Island pets09/19/20182596
ToS BOE06/29/20172595
TBC BoE BluesThis group contains all the rare "blues" introduced with patches...06/30/20162589
BoE MountsBind on Equip Mounts04/25/20202586
Classic Alchemy's reagentsAll reagents for Classic alchemy recipes. Based on wowhead database,08/28/20192582
TBC Motes & Primals06/04/20212573
BFA Ore05/12/20202560
Legion Alchemy10/06/20162538