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Legion Enchanting11/12/20161746
8.3 Prep11/19/20191744
Legion - Jewelcrafting03/07/20171732
Archaeology Fragments03/11/20161718
ToysList from Wowhead of toys that are unbound on pickup12/27/20171711
Expensive BFA PETS11/05/20181706
Boot enchantsAll are 10% movespeed, get the cheapest for your bank...07/10/20181702
BFA InscriptionItems crafted through inscription in Battle for Azeroth08/12/20181695
Shadowlands Mining11/21/20201694
All mats BFA05/18/20201693
New crafting BFA 8.206/24/20191683
Transmog Items05/18/20171680
Classic Ore01/07/20171669
ORE FOR BFA! 06/26/20181660
Blood of SargerasBlood of Sargeras to Gold04/05/20171656
Items to Flip in Classic WoW07/03/20201650
BFA 8.1 New Island Expedition Transmog Gear12/14/20181644
BFA Pre Pots08/19/20181643
Legion Alchemy01/10/20171642