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Shadowlands Fishall the Shadowlands fish listed on wowhead.11/23/20202612
BFA MatsList of all BFA mats10/06/20182569
Flipping Old Content Profession Mounts and Mats Old content (Before BFA) sellable mounts with their mats 02/21/20192566
Shadowlands - Enchanting 10/19/20202564
BFA Fish08/21/20182561
ALL LEGION GEMS 09/08/20172542
Tailoring Mats11/18/20172529
8.3 Leatherworking01/19/20202506
8.3 Items01/27/20202495
Legion GemsGems06/16/20172495
Classic Leatherworking Crafted ItemsItems crafted by the Leatherworking Profession08/29/20192490
All Transmogs09/05/20202478
all transmog 04/30/20202449
ToS BOE06/29/20172445
Shadowlands Leather
bagsBags to craft and sell11/19/20172412
BoE MountsBind on Equip Mounts04/25/20202395
Legion epicsBoe epics09/01/20162392
Island pets09/19/20182382