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Relic of the Past ALL MatsIncludes all mats used in crafting Relic of the Past...10/23/202025
BFA Mining10/22/202047
Legion Mining10/22/202026
WOD Mining10/22/202015
MOP Mining10/22/202015
Cata Mining10/22/202017
WOTLK Mining10/22/202017
TBC Mining10/22/202023
Classic Mining10/22/202041
Leatherworking SL10/22/202020
legion two handed10/22/20208
BC MiningBC smelting Bars 10/22/202017
BC LeatherworkingBC leatherworking items 10/22/202014
BC JewelcraftingBC Jewelcrafting Items10/22/202012
BC InscriptionBC Inscription Items 10/22/202017
BC EngineeringBC Engineering Items10/22/202012
Naxx stuff10/22/202023
Shadowlands - Alchemy - Flasks/Potions10/22/202049