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WoD LW11/07/2014323
WoD LW11/07/2014233
WoD Mats11/07/2014327
Timeless Leather Gear11/07/2014276
Timeless Cloth Gear11/07/2014290
Timeless Mail Gear11/07/2014279
Timeless Plate Gear11/07/2014391
Engineering1 - 600 engineering11/07/2014301
Snatch List11/07/2014323
Transmog items list11/07/2014333
No longer ingame11/07/2014318
Recipy snatch list11/07/2014299
WoD GlyphsGlyphs that require Warbringer's Ink11/08/2014284
WoD FlasksRegular WoD flasks that will be used to create greater...11/08/2014210
WoD Greater FlasksThe WoD flasks that will be primarily used for raid...11/08/2014216
WoD Sorcerous ElementsWoD answer to primal and volatile elements, generated by crafting...11/08/2014228
WoD Inscription TrinketsThe DMF trinkets that Scribes will craft in WoD.11/08/2014225
WoD Iron DeckAce through Eight of the WoD Iron Deck.11/08/2014240
WoD Moon DeckAce through Eight of the WoD Moon Deck.11/08/2014225