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Classic Whites (drops)White quality items only dropped (not available from vendor or...09/16/20199
Enchanting Mats09/16/20196
silk cloth09/16/20194
Jobar Classic Crafted Leathers09/16/20198
Leatherworking recipes09/16/20192
Jobar Classic Crafted Alchemy09/16/20196
Jobar Classic Crafted Blacksmithing09/16/20199
Jobar Classic Crafted Engineering09/16/20197
Twink Items09/16/20196
Max lvl raw crafting09/16/20194
Green Hills Of Stranglethorn Chapters09/15/201911
Green Hills Of Stranglethorn Pages09/15/20199
Hardened Spring09/15/20199
Classic Warrior Charms09/15/201922
Classic Invest - Phase 109/15/201969
Classic BiS Pre-raid patterns09/15/201930
Classic Pre-raid BiS09/15/201939