Needed Materials<br /> The following shopping list is for the minimum number of materials you will need to complete this leveling path. As you get into yellow difficulty levels (or worse, green), you may have more than 1 combine per skill level.<br /> <br /> You will need the minimum following items:<br /> 97x Imbued Vial<br /> 19x Enchanted Vial<br /> 114x Goldclover<br /> 24x Talandra's Rose<br /> 50x Tiger Lily<br /> 44x Adder's Tongue<br /> 85x Icethorn<br /> 115x Lichbloom<br /> 15x Frost Lotus<br /> 10x Dark Jade<br /> 10x Huge Citrine<br /> 10x Eternal Fire<br /> Add the following depending on the trinket that you will craft:<br /> Mercurial Alchemist Stone - 20x Goldclover, 2x Eternal Life, 1x Frost Lotus<br /> Indestructible Alchemist Stone - 20x Deadnettle, 12x Pygmy Oil, 1x Frost Lotus<br /> Mighty Alchemist Stone - 15x Adder's Tongue, 15x Tiger Lily, 1x Frost Lotus

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