IMPORTANT NOTE: This list may contain itens from previous or next expansions. This occur due to innitial levels of a expansion being the final levels of the previous one.
This list is based on Wowhead's BoE Leather Legs.
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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
316g 92s 48c
2,914g 47s 45c
1,128g 48s 39c
2,917g 16s 95c
81g 73s 17c
8,655g 45s 76c
261g 03s 92c
3,567g 66s 65c
277g 43s 92c
471g 09s 73c
14,140g 68s 03c
197g 98s 88c
836g 91s 99c
639g 67s 44c
14,883g 91s 69c
1,173g 89s 86c
24,791g 28s 57c
1,666g 86s 54c
16,431g 45s 63c
4,508g 16s 27c
746g 54s 61c
388,759g 65s 40c
989g 46s 04c
451g 99s 93c
3,940g 20s 76c
516g 19s 26c
3,122g 73s 96c
8,245g 69s 21c
415,042g 50s 19c
4,110g 09s 84c
4,658g 05s 96c
780g 49s 24c
32,678g 85s 47c
3,601g 46s 86c
19,504g 87s 90c
4,340g 01s 57c
633g 50s 40c
2,577g 75s 28c
3,109g 07s 47c
2,996g 52s 06c
2,861g 24s 61c
4,261g 69s 94c
1,496g 41s 22c
2,429g 97s 08c
3,278g 79s 78c
2,074g 05s 88c
4,184g 25s 85c
6,262g 80s 44c
3,831g 04s 54c
673g 30s 39c
2,167g 62s 18c
391,700g 47s 64c
1,975g 28s 96c
1,463g 16s 69c
5,866g 75s 98c
4,252g 76s 48c
632g 23s 56c
7,369g 07s 98c
5,486g 99s 72c
4,771g 33s 57c
2,833g 54s 91c
1,929g 74s 16c
853g 34s 82c
3,000g 28s 54c
940g 83s 29c
527g 97s 85c
2,121g 79s 02c
2,136g 56s 43c
2,052g 46s 75c
1,283g 14s 70c
2,654g 36s 88c
81,505g 45s 29c
2,408g 02s 35c
1,392g 63s 00c
4,092g 45s 84c
23,483g 53s 77c
336,260g 88s 22c
861g 85s 09c
1,056g 30s 49c
15,381g 44s 24c
5,641g 40s 66c
12,515g 52s 76c
4,396g 44s 69c
849g 26s 82c
2,919g 20s 20c
11,611g 27s 25c
12,368g 82s 23c
21,931g 37s 47c
1,295g 64s 94c
5,467g 45s 92c
1,803g 39s 65c
8,088g 23s 38c
529g 22s 01c
7,578g 75s 41c
579g 64s 84c
5,534g 15s 25c
63,594g 34s 89c
73,641g 16s 61c
1,105g 92s 87c
3,342g 91s 11c
416,459g 90s 55c
367g 39s 83c
1,452g 59s 54c
1,917g 60s 69c
1,235g 77s 17c
2,180g 03s 12c
675g 27s 85c
414g 25s 38c
1,357g 60s 05c
52,327g 42s 28c
38,090g 91s 15c