IMPORTANT NOTE: This list may contain itens from previous or next expansions. This occur due to innitial levels of a expansion being the final levels of the previous one.
This list is based on Wowhead's BoE Leather Legs.
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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
320g 81s 84c
7,846g 30s 04c
1,474g 70s 23c
2,859g 23s 76c
91g 64s 95c
6,353g 51s 88c
166g 21s 70c
2,935g 58s 24c
357g 47s 04c
392g 01s 07c
15,987g 29s 63c
325g 23s 01c
920g 13s 03c
840g 04s 40c
14,412g 43s 74c
702g 94s 78c
25,574g 35s 07c
1,228g 80s 42c
18,317g 98s 46c
4,723g 35s 67c
667g 45s 40c
400,568g 04s 97c
1,473g 09s 92c
485g 49s 18c
2,081g 27s 33c
658g 20s 48c
3,362g 47s 11c
6,909g 70s 72c
415,128g 89s 35c
4,934g 70s 42c
3,864g 56s 93c
534g 12s 63c
31,555g 80s 36c
3,112g 04s 12c
30,810g 57s 10c
4,171g 07s 51c
580g 11s 03c
2,441g 75s 48c
3,025g 33s 61c
2,904g 10s 15c
3,032g 01s 37c
3,178g 05s 45c
1,046g 18s 95c
2,288g 36s 16c
4,542g 49s 85c
1,779g 47s 86c
3,999g 30s 27c
4,922g 69s 51c
3,522g 78s 78c
770g 55s 80c
1,773g 58s 30c
415,359g 27s 09c
2,386g 16s 45c
1,431g 90s 81c
4,258g 78s 53c
3,770g 01s 32c
926g 04s 06c
5,314g 16s 65c
3,921g 34s 00c
6,956g 05s 96c
2,969g 99s 50c
1,954g 46s 70c
784g 83s 49c
3,314g 42s 45c
968g 74s 36c
611g 62s 31c
2,142g 62s 78c
2,505g 52s 93c
2,347g 19s 62c
1,670g 75s 48c
3,153g 32s 37c
67,757g 03s 91c
1,755g 72s 43c
1,797g 18s 63c
4,322g 70s 30c
20,092g 18s 61c
338,660g 89s 29c
1,087g 08s 28c
846g 79s 35c
21,650g 63s 45c
6,286g 52s 48c
17,882g 06s 37c
3,921g 75s 39c
853g 80s 74c
3,402g 50s 94c
19,832g 91s 46c
15,378g 06s 15c
18,133g 91s 49c
1,229g 04s 78c
5,998g 40s 55c
1,987g 31s 56c
7,090g 50s 58c
619g 65s 75c
6,639g 08s 46c
645g 19s 48c
8,232g 54s 54c
72,227g 17s 90c
81,037g 07s 08c
871g 05s 56c
4,453g 30s 72c
405,977g 30s 97c
400g 31s 36c
1,037g 83s 04c
2,080g 11s 75c
1,001g 02s 15c
2,267g 53s 25c
1,438g 79s 10c
441g 64s 07c
1,316g 69s 72c
49,882g 36s 92c
35,518g 66s 36c