All BFA inscription crafts that are sellable on the AH

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
6,822g 88s 33c
8,291g 16s 64c
8,201g 51s 20c
8,148g 73s 88c
13,261g 63s 13c
7,771g 86s 41c
18,745g 34s 27c
7,216g 93s 06c
1,575g 65s 83c
260g 81s 34c
395g 73s 45c
240g 58s 84c
285g 44s 35c
532g 20s 56c
366g 87s 82c
375g 42s 94c
254g 15s 66c
233g 42s 54c
836g 44s 96c
265g 36s 76c
260g 47s 91c
277g 30s 91c
1,405g 01s 22c
2,886g 50s 24c
7,074g 76s 08c
3,589g 62s 70c
1,326g 25s 83c
3,715g 92s 48c
2,077g 25s 72c
1,960g 95s 80c
4,379g 47s 53c
9,631g 02s 95c
7,153g 52s 27c
7,233g 89s 57c
7,989g 74s 02c
8,245g 35s 33c
232g 90s 17c
282g 07s 81c
3,744g 16s 71c
4,206g 87s 29c