All BFA inscription crafts that are sellable on the AH

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
7,029g 98s 45c
8,288g 87s 63c
7,921g 93s 69c
7,127g 79s 46c
11,412g 32s 94c
6,924g 54s 72c
22,451g 48s 28c
6,746g 64s 41c
1,927g 58s 06c
309g 27s 97c
421g 04s 47c
256g 01s 99c
253g 60s 78c
405g 31s 31c
326g 32s 71c
792g 48s 27c
239g 64s 37c
142g 25s 50c
1,379g 36s 90c
302g 58s 03c
366g 06s 67c
422g 26s 17c
1,775g 86s 67c
5,590g 79s 82c
4,589g 00s 45c
2,365g 45s 31c
643g 59s 48c
2,960g 70s 00c
1,451g 70s 77c
1,338g 74s 99c
3,700g 66s 32c
8,753g 29s 95c
6,300g 50s 77c
7,686g 34s 07c
7,921g 18s 94c
4,807g 13s 29c
170g 01s 80c
156g 71s 60c
3,613g 58s 08c
3,254g 68s 65c