I created this group to have a list of all tradable engineering toys as of Jan 19th, 2023.<br /> <br /> There are 31 engineering toys, 27 of which are tradable.<br /> <br /> The 4 untradable toys are: Blingtron 4000, 5000, and 7000, and Gnomish X-Ray Specs.

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Item Global Market Value
2,902g 49s 08c
6,802g 37s 57c
4,843g 54s 30c
2,622g 08s 21c
42,279g 23s 84c
3,064g 47s 88c
6,494g 90s 84c
14,103g 44s 29c
43,900g 41s 21c
13,238g 25s 54c
41,032g 33s 99c
12,021g 56s 95c
26,783g 26s 29c
12,245g 07s 54c
7,239g 95s 04c
2,826g 29s 35c
4,333g 92s 70c
1,684g 27s 39c
3,948g 41s 14c
1,516g 52s 55c
12,551g 36s 64c