List of Legendary Crafted Items to Limit Spending

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
688g 63s 18c
238g 37s 79c
273g 25s 74c
819g 81s 44c
547g 59s 10c
304g 59s 89c
631g 90s 62c
583g 11s 51c
250g 82s 47c
2,582g 05s 56c
2,694g 40s 18c
1,906g 14s 21c
3,953g 99s 05c
1,044g 76s 67c
1,246g 34s 07c
1,274g 77s 68c
3,321g 45s 81c
2,104g 25s 07c
98g 97s 30c
1,842g 59s 94c
2,516g 79s 18c
930g 87s 33c
2,745g 76s 36c
2,792g 35s 12c
1,868g 53s 48c
3,438g 73s 52c
1,179g 06s 70c
3,243g 86s 64c
4,248g 04s 71c
4,326g 94s 31c
1,846g 15s 11c
2,848g 59s 03c
2,889g 01s 42c
1,036g 77s 97c
3,870g 99s 96c
1,183g 28s 30c