All items that can be turned in for Horde Commendation Signet's. Also includes raw materials to craft items for turn-in (copper ore -> copper bar, for example).

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
5g 88s 64c
4g 55s 52c
36g 07s 43c
9g 09s 03c
11g 02s 33c
74g 62s 71c
5g 85s 16c
80s 36c
4g 34s 71c
1g 24s 64c
5g 55s 35c
3g 92s 58c
5g 66s 44c
74s 79c
11g 66s 84c
10g 23s 14c
40g 04s 31c
9g 06s 29c
4g 51s 13c
56s 87c
6g 62s 63c
15g 98s 69c
69g 72s 92c