All items that can be turned in for Horde Commendation Signet's. Also includes raw materials to craft items for turn-in (copper ore -> copper bar, for example).

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
10g 34s 95c
7g 68s 70c
51g 15s 47c
15g 20s 80c
43g 45s 53c
46g 25s 89c
9g 73s 30c
1g 18s 39c
8g 66s 26c
3,939g 08s 11c
20g 90s 19c
10g 26s 04c
38g 21s 71c
6g 32s 95c
1g 44s 63c
29g 30s 59c
28g 15s 50c
22g 95s 30c
12g 89s 03c
12g 14s 63c
80s 81c
10g 51s 06c
506g 26s 98c
105g 20s 88c