On behalf of the entire TradeSkillMaster team,

The Child's Play charity is a very popular charity among gamers. They work to provide video games to children's hospitals around the world. If you're unfamiliar with their work, I'd suggest you take a look at their website. The TradeSkillMaster team is very excited to announce our fundraising efforts for Child's Play and hope you will contribute!
How you can help:
You can help us raise money for this worthy cause in many ways.
  1. Donate through our ChipIn Above - We will DOUBLE all donations received through the ChipIn! The only downside here is that the donations will go to TSM and be made to Child's Play on your behalf by TSM and therefore are not tax-deductible. Unfortunately this is the only way we can track donations in order to match them, and ChipIn provides a fairly transparent way for us to do this.
  2. Vote in the Poll on the Forums - We will add $5 to our donation for every vote cast in the poll tied to our forum thread before the end of the year! This is the quickest and easiest way to show your support!
  3. Donate Directly - While we recognize that doing so is not feasible for all, if you can spare a few dollars, we highly encourage you to consider making your own donation to Child's Play.
  4. Spread the Word - Please link to this post on your blog and social media pages to help us spread the word. Our goal is not to just donate to a worthy cause, but to encourage others to join us in doing so; as we believe the collective gaming community can do more good than any single entity.
Why are we doing this?
TradeSkillMaster has received an overwhelming amount of support from the WoW community over the past couple of years and we love to give back whenever possible. Child's Play is an excellent charity doing amazing work and is a charity which all the TSM developers (Sapu, Drethic, Bart39) are thrilled to be able to support. Thanks to everybody who uses TradeSkillMaster and those who have generously donated over the past couple of months for making this possible.
Any other info?
TradeSkillMaster will contribute up to $2000 at the end of the fundraiser, on December 31st 2012. This includes the $5 per vote in the forum thread as well as our matching donations from the ChipIn fundraiser. For example, if we reach the goal of the ChipIn and receive $2000, we will double that and make a $4000 donation to Child's Play!
Please feel free to use our forum thread for any questions / comments. Alternatively, you may email us at contact@tradeskillmaster.com with any questions or comments regarding this fundraiser.